Types of Roofs

State of The Art EPDM Roofing

EPDM has gained industry-wide acceptance and respect by providing immediate and long-term roofing solutions. In use for several decades, EPDM roofs are single-ply membranes and have evolved into one of the most sustainable and popular commercial roofing options available today.


Lightweight, relatively inexpensive and easy to install, this advanced rubber material is easy to work with and produces minimal odor and fumes, making it a favorite of both property owners and contractors.


Don’t take a chance on a roofing company that has little or no experience with EPDM installation. Roof Masters specialists apply EPDM roofing in large rolls of ethylene, propylene and diene polymers that are adhered, mechanically fastened, or ballasted to form a waterproof bond.

Flat Roofing

Almost every structure requires a roof. But the question is what type of roof is best for your project? All roofing systems have their own advantages or disadvantages and it is important to know what you need in a roof. You may have noticed that most of the commercial roofs in Hallsville are flat.

Here are some of the main reasons flat roofs are so popular:

  • Maintenance – a flat surface makes it easier and safer to work on
  • Easy access – flat roofs are typically connected by a stairwell, making it easy to bring the necessary equipment with you or to use the roof as a storage space. For some businesses this also gives the option of having more space to entertain clients or customers by turning the space, or part of it, into a deck for customers to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Lower cost of installation– Flat roofs are usually quicker to install than other roofing systems, saving you money.
  • Greater Fire Safety – As the structure is made with steel rather than wood there is a higher fire safety rating.
  • Best use of space – From floor to ceiling, flat roofs allow you to use all the space.
  • Great for HVAC – you can place your air conditioner and/or heater on the roof. Which is usually impossible for slanted roofs.

As we can see there are many benefits to flat roofs, making them a very practical option for a wide variety of roofing projects.
Roof Masters LLC EPDM roofing systems are incredibly durable and puncture resistant and are built to withstand extreme weather conditions for up to 25 years.

Ecological Green Roofing

An increasingly popular and environmentally conscious option for both residential and commercial buildings, the vegetation that covers a green roof actually lowers energy costs, improves air quality and naturally absorbs storm water thereby reducing the need for expensive drainage systems. With a longer life span than conventional roofs, Roof Masters green roof installations also address a condition known as “Urban Heat Island Effect”, occurring in densely populated urban and suburban areas.

Traditional building materials such as asphalt, tar, and gravel trap and produce intense heat making it more difficult for property owners to keep buildings cool and contribute to increased temperatures in Longview and surrounding regions. Green roofing systems supplement vegetation and provide an additional natural living space.

Not Just A Trend

Not all roofing contractors are able to provide the necessary expertise required for installing a green roofing system. With an increasing tendency toward “going green” in Longview, environmentally friendly roof installations are best carried out by an accredited green roofing contractor knowledgeable in the many factors involved for successful and sustainable roof application

Shingle Roofing Options

Selecting the best shingle roofing system is made easy with the help of the Marshall roofing experts who provide professional installation for:

Asphalt Shingles – A standard and popular roofing material, asphalt shingles provide good value and are long lasting. Roof Masters recommends asphalt shingles with exceptional track records proven to withstand extreme and fluctuating weather conditions. Available with an extended guarantee or a lifetime warranty depending on the selected brand, asphalt shingles are a solid roofing option for homeowners in the Marshall region.

Composition asphalt and fiberglass shingles – Shingles are manufactured with glass fibers, and mineral granules. Fiberglass composition shingles are lighter than asphalt and less expensive. Fiberglass also offers improved heat resistance and is well suited to entirely new constructions or complete roof replacement.

For a free estimate and assessment of your current shingle roof in Marshall contact Roof Masters at (903) 660-2309.

Tile Roofing System

An increasingly appealing alternative to a traditional roof, a tile roof offers your Marshall property energy efficiency and durability in cold and windy climates and requires minimal maintenance. Roof Masters offers premium roofing from an experienced team of talented craftsmen specializing in tile roof installations.

Installing Tile Roofing Systems

Tile roofing provides superior protection from water and ice due to its interlock installation technique making it virtually impenetrable to the elements. Suitable for almost any surface, Roof Masters tile roofing comes in a variety of styles, shapes, colors and configurations to create a unique architectural style that will enhance any property in Marshall.

Roof Masters tile roofing options include:

  • Clay
  • Shingle
  • Shake
  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Composition tile

White Membrane Roofing Systems

Roof Masters provides environmentally friendly white membrane roofing systems for commercial and residential building owners in Marshall that offer advanced energy savings technology along with quality protection and durability.

Cost Effective Thermoplastic Roof Coverings

White membrane roofing (WMR) is a single-ply roofing fixture that can be installed over your existing roof and provide superior solar reflectivity and exceptional energy savings by helping to cool buildings during summer and retain heat during the winter months. This thermoplastic white composite covering is lightweight, easy to install on any surface, virtually leak proof and highly durable.

Metal Roofing

Premium metal roofing is a premium roofing investment that saves homeowners money in the long run. While more traditional roofing materials have a lifespan of 10-20 years, Roof Masters metal roofing installations last decades longer and offer unmatched durability and numerous other benefits.

Protect Your Home and Increase Property Values

Consumer reports consistently reveal that metal roofing will significantly increase a property’s resale value, lower home insurance rates and offer a quick recoup of its initial investment

Roof Masters Professional Metal Roofing Installers

Roofmasters LLC installs metal roofing that is designed and manufactured to stand up to the most variable and harshest of climate conditions. Expert installers customize lengths to fit any building or structure in the Hallsville region that will hold up to freezing rain, strong winds, blowing snow, falling branches, debris, fire, or the heat of the summer sun.